New First Nations Metal Artwork. A Collaboration between Ruggid Coast and First Nations artist Trevor Husband.

Jerrod Pinder



Exciting news from us today at Ruggid Coast to our customers. We will be adding some west coast First Nations artwork to our metal art we already carry.

We are collaborating with Trevor Husband a local first nations artist on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. He has been working closely with us to create a new series of artwork in metal.


Trevor Husband is a Gitxsan/Cree Native artist. He was born in raised on Haida Gwaii. With 15 years recently in Vancouver, BC he now calls Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island home.

After spending a decade working on music and acting, Trevor has turned his talents towards carving, and apprenticed under Salish first nations artist Herb Rice. Trevor now works with wood and metal . He blends traditional Northwest Native art with a contemporary feel to produce unique designs.





Westcoast Metal Art - New to Ruggid Coast

Jerrod Pinder

We have been busy this August. We are developing a large line of west coast art pieces in addition to the products we carry. We plan to carry a variety of west coast pieces of wildlife and scenery across our coast.

All of the pieces are made in Canada, and finished by hand. Here are some examples below.